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Hydrogen fuel cells/system - truck, mining, farm, boats-save fuel in ADELAIDE, South Australia for sale

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Save on the cost of fuel for your boat / trawler… Run your engine on Hydrogen on demand , for the cost of a litre of water
More information is seen on the company website -
1. 100% Australian owned and manufactured
2. University Qualified and experienced Research Scientist, Physicist, Enginneer, Chemist.
3. Check the website and call Gavan ******7183 + click to reveal 
FOR THE COST OF a litre or water Save 20% to 50% of your fuel costs . Use Hydrogen from Water to run your Car , Truck, Boat , Generator , or Mining equipment…
What will a “Hydrogen on demand System ” do for you and your engine
1. Decrease fuel use 20% to 50%
2. Increased power/torque at lower RPM
3. Decrease exhaust particulate matter
4. Engines run cleaner and smoother
5. Reduce maintenance costs
6. Increase the engine life span
Individual Hydrobooster cell $450; Call ******7183 + click to reveal  for system
Why use Hydrogen Fuel Systems Pty Ltd Hydrogen Generator
• Hydrogen Fuel Systems - builds alternative energy systems for use in combustion engines, that improves Fuel Efficiency, Power, Torque and reduces the toxic gases
• Hydrogen generators are not new however Gavan Knox has patented modifications
1. That allow for more efficient gas generation by:
a. Stainless Steel plate design and placement - better water flow
b. Porting – better water flow
c. Pumping – better water flow
2. Better Water Flow = Better Gas Generation
Why use Hydrogen Fuel Systems Pty Ltd Hydrogen Generator
• Greater efficiency means less electrical load to produce the desired volume of gas
• 12.5 % to 20% of the engine capacity in litres/min
More information , testimonials and information on website ----
3. Fuel Savings
• Introducing hydrogen to diesel, petrol or LPG fueled engine results in significant fuel
savings, by
1) allowing a leaner air/fuel mixture
2) thoroughly burning all the fuel introduced to the engine
3) increasing the power output of the engine
4) increasing the efficiency of the engine thereby reducing the “throttle “ setting required to achieve the engine speed and vehicle speed
5) Ensuring the valves, piston head and cylinder head is free of carbon build-ups which would otherwise interfere with the air/fuel flow in the cylinder and reduce engine efficiency
Following the Gen 10.2 installation (triple cell system) on my 3.6 Litre VZ 2007 commodore my fuel economy has improved from 12.5 L/100 km to 6.1 L/100 km- I am happy to demonstrate my system. Many of my clients have Cat15 and Cat16 powered trucks as well as 4.7 L Diesel powered Toyota and Nissens. Savings of 30 % are easily achieved from these clients.
Cleaner Emissions Using Hydrogen in engines the fuel is “ flashed” at a much higher temperature allowing the fuel to burn more completely. A learner fuel mix ensures better combustion resulting in less unburnt fuel/ hydrocarbons being passed through the exhast system
Check out the eleven youtube videos
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Kind regards
Gavan Knox | Managing Director "Hydrogen Fuel Systems Pty Ltd"
BSc(Physics, Chemistry), BEng (civil), BEdu(Physics,Chemistry)
Special offer Australian clients--- call ******7183 + click to reveal